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Sunday, September 28, 2008

University of Utah 5K (Don't Tell My Family)!

Being avid BYU fans, my family may disown me if they find out that David and I participated in the University of Utah 5K race! This weekend was the U's homecoming and the race was a part of that.
I have been training and have run a few 5K's before and was really happy to have improved my time by almost 3 minutes! This was David's first 5K and I was really proud of him for how well he did! We have not seen official results yet, but I will update this when I do!
UPDATE: Race result were just posted! I took 2nd in my age group!

David and I before the race.

David finishing! You go baby!

Me in front of the U (I still like BYU better)!

Birthday Bowling Party!

Last week was my Birthday and my sweet hubby threw me a Birthday bowling party with our friends Kevin and Stephanie to celebrate!

Opening presents! FUN! I LOVE PRESENTS!!



Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Miss Spike Whitworth!!

OK! How flippin' sweet is my little pooch Spike! He is still in Atlanta taking care of his Grandma Lillie and Papa Jay! I can't wait for him to come home and meet his new brother and sister, Toby and Zoe! However, he is so spoiled now, being at our house might be like prison to him! Little brat!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Just Thought This Was Funny!

This is a cross between David and I! My head is filled with useless pop culture and David might just name his fish Halo 3!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

1st Annual Suncrest Mountain Race

On Saturday, September 13th, I took part in the 1st Annual Suncrest Mountain Race 5K. The race was held in Draper not to far from where we live. It was a beautiful morning as you can tell from the photos (not a cloud in the sky). The race was a killer! It started out downhill (which was great), but as we all know, what goes down must go up and that's exactly what happened! The next 2 miles was all uphill! Whew! The last part of the race finally was all downhill and I took advantage of that and really kicked it in to make up for time lost dying on the way up! My time was pretty good, but I am not sure how I placed overall.
UPDATE!! The race results were just posted and I am shocked and happy to report that I placed 1st in my age group!

Coming in for the finish (downhill thank goodness)!

The finish!

The best part of the race? The free massage after! That was worth the entry fee alone!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Will Never Forget September 11, 2001

I can't believe it has been 7 years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. I still feel anxious when I see footage on TV. This morning MSNBC was showing real time coverage from that day. It is still devastating to watch. Every American knows where they were that day, but for those of us in New York City, the horror and sadness of that day will be with us forever.

We will never forget the feeling of helplessness as we watched the events unfold literally before our eyes. We will never forget the men and women who lost their lives. We will never forget the brave men and women who worked around the clock to rescue those still trapped in the rubble and recover bodies of those killed. Especially the FDNY who climbed up the stairs of the towers as everyone else climbed down, We will never forget the smell of lower Manhattan, We will never forget how the city came together, helping each other in any way we could.

As I sat crying on the couch as I watched the MSNBC footage this morning, David asked me what I torture myself by reliving that day. I guess may answer to that is: so I never forget.

Monday, September 8, 2008

$500 Goal Reached in the Start! Heart Run!

On Saturday, September 6th, I participated in the American Heart/Stroke Association's Start! Heart 5K Run. My goal was to raise $500 for the cause and thanks to all of you that donated, I made it!

David and the "babies" came out to support me!

I was running in honor/support of my mother a/k/a Miss Lillie!
Getting ready to start!

The start! See me on the right?

The finish! As I came in, I saw David and the pups on the sidelines cheering! I grabbed our "babies" and ran across the finish line! When I crossed, one of the time keepers asked me if they registered for the race!

To my surprise, I won the bronze medal in my age class (old folks- Ha Ha).

Friday, September 5, 2008

Miss Lillie Goes Home!

After 4 months in hospitals and nursing homes, My mom finally went home! She is very excited to be sitting in her own chair with her TV and a cold Diet Coke! Spike was happy to see her too, in fact when she went to bed, he laid right next to her and would not let Jay in! He was protecting his Miss Lillie!
My sister and I are still really concerned about her being home though. She can't walk (yet) or transfer herself from the chair to the bed/bathroom/etc. Her husband does all he can but is limited (he only has one arm and is 76 years old). Home health care is coming in today to assess her situation and hopefully she will get the help she needs.
My poor sister has had to deal with all this first hand and is at her wits end. I pray that my mom will thrive at home and get walking again, if anything to just give my sister a little of her life back.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Camping in Idaho!

Over Labor Day weekend David and I went camping at Bear Lake with our friends, Kevin, Steph and Paige. We had a great time! I have not been camping since I went to girls camp as a teenager. I miss it a lot. My fondest childhood memories are going camping with my family.

This is Kev & Steph's motor home. It was really fun to camp in, especially when the storm came in Sunday afternoon.

As we were driving in Friday night, we were going down hill when Kevin noticed that the motor home had no power. The alternator had went out. Luckily we were able to cruise into a gas station were someone gave us a jump. The campsite was less than a mile away so we made it there. Unfortunately, Kevin spent most of Saturday finding and installing a new alternator. Poor Kev!

Mr. Cool just chillin at the campsite!

Cute little Paige!

This is camping with a two-year old (and a couple of margaritas) does to you!

Paige found a lot of new friends!

How Cute is This?!!!!

Zoe and Toby went to the Vet last week to get their teeth cleaned and Zoe came out wearing this bandage (where they put her IV) that looked like a little cast. She looked so cute/pathetic that I left it on her all day!