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Friday, April 25, 2008

Go Jazz!

For David's Birthday, David and I went to see the Utah Jazz battle the Houston Rockets in game 3 of the NBA Playoffs. It was the first home game for the Jazz after beating the Rockets 2 games in Houston so the energy in the stadium was amazing! They gave out t-shirts and told the entire stadium to put them on! It was cool to see the entire stadium in the same shirt.

The entire game was so exciting, but the Jazz ended up losing by 2 points in the last minute of the game! WAAAAAAA!

Oh well, there are still 4 more games. We had a great time!

David's Birthday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Utah Reception! We Love the Scotts!

On April 12th, Wayne and Loraine Scott (AKA Elder and Sister Scott) threw us the most lovely reception as a lot of our friends and family were not able to make it to our wedding or our NYC reception. Here are just a few photos:

Sister Scott is so creative! What a beautiful presentation. She made that beautiful wedding cake!

Our beautiful guests!

Wayne Scott gave such a beautiful toast! We love you!

Hey Jared!

Cliff and Nila Richards came all the way from Vernal! They took good care of me on my mission!

My Uncle Dennis and my cousin Colleen

Monday, April 21, 2008

We went to General Conference!

Getting tickets for Hannah Montana is easier than getting tickets for General Conference! I was lucky (and grateful) that my friends in New York had extra tickets! We went to the Saturday and Sunday sessions and loved it! I LOVE the MoTab!

Our First Blog!

Hi Everyone!

At the advice (and inspiration) of my good friend Mary, I have decided to start a blog about my new life in Utah with my new husband, David! Here is our story thus far:

I met David in a most unlikely place for me, the dreaded internet! I was looking at and LDS networking site and I saw he was from New York (where I had been living for the past 15 years). I sent him an e-mail that said not much more than "Hi" and things progressed from there! E-mail to phone calls to web cam conversations (that's when things really progressed).

After about 2 months of conversations and e-mails we decided to meet. I flew out to Utah on November 9th. It was love at first sight! We were married December 1st in a small chapel in Las Vegas with 2 of David's good friends as our witnesses (we love you Kevin and Stephanie).

After we got married I went back to New York to finish up my work there. By February my husband thought it was time to live in the same state, so on February 16, 2008, I packed up my life of 15 years in New York and started my new life with my husband in Utah and I love it!