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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day Was Fun!

Since David had to work, I decided to make the most of my first Pioneer Day in Utah by Running in the Deseret News 5K (there was also a 10K and a marathon, but I thought I would start slow). The 5K was actually a walk but I saw very few walkers, most people ran it.
It was a blast! The course took us right down the center of the parade route so there were thousands of people on both sides cheering for us as we ran. It really gave me a boost of energy to feel the support. I was only running a 5K, It made me imagine how good the 10K and marathoners were feeling! All races finished at Liberty Park and people were going crazy as we crossed the finish line.
About 20 minutes after I finished, the first Marathoner came in. Wow! It was quite emotional to watch these folks, some in their 70's, finish such an incredible feat. Some looked like they had run around the block, others collapsed to the ground with exhaustion and needed to be carried away by medics. It was really inspiring.
I decided not to take the shuttle back to the start, but walk back up the parade route. This was great because I got to see the whole parade as a walked. There were many great floats, marching bands, beauty queens, etc.
One highlight for me was to see President Monson. As his car drove by and he lightheartedly waved to the crowd, the thought came into my head that this is the closest I had ever been (and perhaps ever will be) to a prophet of the Lord. The spirit rushed over me among the roar of the crowd. I waved at him and he waved back. I wondered how I would feel if that were Jesus himself waving at me. Wow, what a feeling!
I am really sore today, but I am going to try for the 10K next year!

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