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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Beautiful Time With Bart Yasso.

Due to the messages I have received about Bart, I think it is time to set the record straight. It is with a very heavy and a very, very broken heart that I tell you that Bart and I have split. This was not something that either of us wanted to happen. We love and care for each other very much, but living 2,000 miles apart makes it difficult to sustain a relationship and neither of us is in a position to move right now, but we will always be in each other's lives as great friends.

Dating a celebrity like Bart is tricky. When we did see each other he was usually working, which I didn't mind, but it does put pressure where generally there is none. One thing I will miss is spending down time with him at his home in Pennsylvania. I loved it there and will miss it.

While I am deeply hurt and heartbroken by our split, I have nothing but love, respect and admiration for Bart. He has been very, very good and generous to me while we were together. He took me to places I had never been and showed me the best 50th Birthday a girl could ever have and I never felt unloved. I will always be grateful for the beautiful time we had together. I will always love him and be his friend and biggest champion.

I will look back on our relationship fondly. We never fought, we enjoyed each other and we had so much fun together. I already miss him greatly. He is a good man.

Thank you Bart for the most wonderful time together. I will always love you and hope that when our paths cross again, I will have stopped crying and you will still be happy to see me. 


Christy said...

I'm sorry Angie. No matter the circumstances, breakups are really rough.

Angie Whitworth Pace said...

Especially when you love someone so much.