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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Thankful 13 Half Marathon! Gobble Gobble!

Every Thanksgiving for the last four years, I have earned my dinner by running the Thankful 13 half marathon. This year was extra cool as I got to pace the 2:30 pace group with another great lady named Jane. I was happy as this was a nice easy pace after running the Route 66 Marathon 4 days earlier.

Another reason it was cool, as I somehow suckered my BFF Rob to run it too! This would be his third half marathon this year! I was pretty proud of him for getting out and trying new and hard things. He has done great!

RYR Pacers at the start of the Thankful 13!

Every year since I can remember, the weather at this race has been FREEZING, but this year while cold at the start, the weather warmed up to a very comfortable 50ish degrees! Perfect for running.

We are ready to pace! (Photo credit: Rob Benson)

This course is what I like to call an honest course, meaning it does not drive you up a mountain and let you run down, letting gravity do a lot of the work. This course runs about 8 miles on the Jordan River Parkway, with the  rest run along the neighboring streets. The course is flat with quite a few rolling hills thrown in, which can make it a little more challenging for people used to running our many downhill courses.

The scenery is beautiful with mountain views, ponds and wildlife.

These horses looked majestic as they ran down the hill settling here. (Photo credit: Rob Benson)

The mountains looked beautiful with the snowfall we had the day before! (Photo credit: Rob Benson)

Pacing is fun!

Jane and I had a fun group!

13.1 miles done!

Jane and I came in right on pace!

We did it! Where is the pie?

After I finished, I waited to see Rob finish, then we had some hot chocolate and pumpkin pie before heading home.

Me with a cute Turkey!

I made my friend Rob be the Turkey! Ha Ha!

I am strong!

The medal was so cute!

So was the shirt!

With all the food consumed on Thanksgiving, it is nice to have a race longer than a 10K to start the day in a calorie deficit! The Thankful 13 does it right, so if you are ever in Salt Lake City over Thanksgiving, this half marathon is a must do!

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