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Monday, September 6, 2010

3rd Star's a Charm at the Pocatello Marathon!

I did the Pocatello Marathon last year and loved it, but wasn't sure if I would do it again since I already had Idaho in my quest for 50 states. Looking over my Maniac stats I saw that if I did Pocatello I would get my 3rd star (you earn 3 stars for running 12 marathons in 12 months), so I registered.

Besides the low entry fee ($45 if you register early) and the fact that it is only a 2 hour drive from Salt Lake City, here are a few reasons I LOVED the Pocatello Marathon this year:

The Swag

Last year we got duffel bags, but this year we got backpacks which we used for our gear check bags. We also got a long sleeved tech shirt (not pictured yet), but they had a mix up and need to send it to me. We also get a free race photo!

A bag of Idaho Potatoes. No race in Idaho would be complete without them!

The Course

A nice downhill course with beautiful scenery!

The People

Lot's of Maniacs at the race this year. This is just a few of us at the start! Including our friends Patrick, Finney, Sally Boles and her dad Harold (not pictured) and Larry Macon (not pictured).

The cute ladies in their bathrobes at the first water stop! Also at mile 15, we ran through Inkom, where my dad was born. I was way cool to see my Uncle Dennis and Aunt May cheering for me!

Finishing the Race

It was hot the last two miles! I was ready to be done!

The Bling

I loved the medal this year! Bigger and more colorful than last year's.

Post Race Fun

Me relaxing in the grass after the race. I couldn't wait to get my shoes off!

Fellow Maniacs Sally, Cathy and I.

Maniac of the Year Yolanda Holder and I!

Jessica is one of our SLC Galloway members! She and her husband Nate came and ran the 1/2! Great job Jessica! Why do you look so cute I and I look like I was hit by a truck? Hee hee!

Patrick and I doing our best Fonzie imitation at the finish. AYYYYYY!

Just a sample of the post race food: Pulled pork sandwiches and baked potatoes! YUM!!

We all had a wonderful time in Pocatello. I would do this race again in a heartbeat! 3 Maniac stars and finish time of 4:57:30. Whoo Hoo! 4 minutes faster than last year!

After I got cleaned up, I offered another 50 Stater, Nancy, a ride to Salt Lake, where my dear friends, the Bakers were hosting a lovely dinner party for all of the traveling Maniacs and us regulars! It was awesome! Thanks Teresa and Bob!

What a great way to start a long weekend!

PS- Thanks Jessica and Patrick for a few of these photos.

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