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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marathon Training Week 18!

This has been a pretty good week. I got in my runs during the week and did my longest run to date on Saturday, 18 MILES!!!

Since Saturday was Valentines Day, our group decided to dress in pink or red for the occasion. It was snowing when I left the house and was getting a little upset that every time we have a long run scheduled, the weather does not cooperate, my knee starts hurting and I am forced to shorten my run. I needed to get those 18 miles in as David and I are going on vacation and I will miss my 21 mile run (I could say I would do it on the cruise ship, but I would be lying. The only way I am running 21 miles, is to the buffet and back 1000 times). With that in mind I decided I was not going to risk running in the snow, but I would go to the Olympic Oval (Home of the USA speed skating team). I was so happy when a few other runners in the group wanted to go there as well.

The track there is on the outside of the ice track so it is larger than a standard track (about 500M). It was not as boring as I thought it would be. As we ran we watched the USA speed skaters practice (we even saw Apolo Anton Ohno), took in a couple of hockey games and talked. It was MUCH better than running in the cold, wet snow! I felt tired but happy when we finished. Then me and the hubby went to a movie and stuffed ourselves with popcorn and pizza and I didn't feel one bit guilty! And, let me not forget the beautiful 3 dozen roses David gave me!!! SWEET! He is the BEST husband ever!!!!!


Liz said...

It was fun running together Saturday. I wish I could run with you every weekend.

Angie and David Pace said...

Thanks Liz! You guys are fun too!