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Thursday, July 13, 2017

#122- The REVEL Rockies Marathon!

After running the Utah Valley Marathon on Saturday, June 10th, I jumped on a plane just in time to get to my good friend Stacy and Daniel Bolyard's house in time for dinner. Stacy and Daniel put up about 8 runners in their home every year and make everyone feel welcome!

I scarfed down a plate of spaghetti and garlic bread, and hung out with other friends at the house including Stacy and Daniel, Sara Pilgrim, Laura Zeffer, Maria Crawford, Ed Childress, Joe Isvanoc, Vemana Sotala and Matt Heacock, then went straight to bed. We had another 2:15 AM wake up call and I was BEAT!

The next morning Stacy drove us to the bus pickup and we made our way to the start!

Jessica, Sara, Laura and I on our way to the marathon start!

Last year's temperature at the start was cold, but this year felt warm. Perfect, in fact.

We didn't have to wait too long for the race to start, so we gathered for our Maniac pic and got on our way!

Marathon Maniacs at the start!

Loyd, Sara, Lia, Jessica and I!

Laura and I 

My NYC pal Jim with a photo bomb by Ed! LOL!

The great thing about running over 5:00 the day before, my legs felt great. I had no stiffness and while I went out conservatively, I felt great!

This race has some BEAUTIFUL views!

Feeling good!

I got to spend a few miles with this awesome group! I haven't seen Diane forever, to it was great to catch up!

I needed a little rest! LOL


I saw Tyler at the beginning of the race running with a PBR in his hand. I had to stop when I saw him and Sarah around mile 23 walking and drinking a Coors! We chatted and they shared their beer and I went on my way! Too much fun!

Around mile 24 I caught my friend ED. This pic sums up the fun we were having!

Ed and I finished together and I finished about 15 minutes faster than the day before. Negative split double! Oh Yeah!

So great to see Andrew, Jorge, Paula and Loyd at the finish!

I saw Martina at Utah Valley the day before! She ran the double and qualified for the Marathon Maniacs! CONGRATULATIONS!

My friend Jim from the ATL and I!

Two Nashville babes! Brian and Diane!

The bling!

The double bling!

I  can't say enough good things about Revel races! They are super well organized, have great medals and swag, beautiful fast courses, free pictures and video and they have the most generous transfer policies I have ever seen. The total package.

Registration is open for 2018. You can register HERE!

HUGE THANKS to Stacy and Daniel for the kindness and hospitality!! Love you guys!!

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