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Monday, August 10, 2015

Ultra Adventures Is The Coolest!

So, if you read my race report on the Full mOOn 50k, you may remember the awful time I had with my Ultimate Direction SJ vest. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that vest, but I have the 1st edition which does not have the adjustable sides. I dropped some weight (and women tend to drop it up top before anywhere else), so my vest does not fit right anymore. With both bottles filled, it weighed a ton and it bounced all over, leaving some really bad chaffing. I knew I could not wear this vest for Arkansas Traveller 100, so the search was on.

With aid stations at AT100 from 4-6 miles apart, I knew I would be OK with one bottle, but holding a hand held for 100 miles will not work. I got tired holding my little flashlight for 20 miles at Full mOOn!

I have also grown to loathe anything around my waist, so I really did not want to wear a belt either. I don't like bladders because I can't see how much water is in them until I am out of water! Thea also are a pain to refill. If only there was a one bottle pack or vest out there! Oh wait! There is!

In my online search for what I thought was impossible, I came across the Orange Mud HydraQuiver. This was exactly what I was looking for, but at $85, I wanted some feedback from those that had used it.

The feedback was good for the double and single barrel options.

Then the nicest thing happened. I got a message from the good folks at Ultra Adventures, a race company here in Utah that puts on the most beautiful and rugged ultras around (see my Capitol Reef race report). Orange Mud happens to be a sponsor and they offered to send me a HydraQuiver.

I loved Ultra Adventures before, but I really love them now. It warms my heart how the ultra running community looks out for one another! THANK YOU ULTRA ADVENTURES and ORANGE MUD! I can't wait to rock this at AT100!!!

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Jessica I said...

Don't know if I would ever do an ultra but I will bookmark Ultra Adventure Races.