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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coaching or Personal Training Can Help Jump Start Your Goals!

When I decided last year that I wanted to work hard and try to qualify for Boston, I knew I would need help. I would have loved to hire a coach, but that was a little out of my budget so I had to use what I had available to me.

I work for 1-800 Contacts and our company has a great health and wellness program. We have access to a beautiful gym with personal trainers at our disposal for help at no charge. So over the winter I decided to add some strength training to my running and for the first time, I worked with a personal trainer.

My trainer Suzy was AWESOME and she kicked my butt! Not only did I see results in my strength and weight loss, I also felt a huge difference in my running. The cross training not only made me stronger, it made me faster and I accomplished my goal of qualifying for Boston.

Just before my BQ attempt in Ogden, Suzy took another job and left the company. I had my BQ and with Spring in full bloom, I just wanted to spend more time outside and less in time in the gym. Well this was probably not the best idea with my 100 mile training taking over. If I could use some extra strength for anything, it would be for running 100 miles! So with a little over a month before Arkansas Traveller 100, I am back in the gym to try and get back on track. My new trainer Joe is great! He kicked my butt (and my arms and abs)!

Meet my new trainer, Joe!

I know a lot of people that have a coach to help them reach their goals. If you can swing it financially, I highly recommend it. Like a Personal Trainer, not only are they there to create a training plan to help you reach your goals, they offer the extra push needed to reach your full potential. 

I could work out alone and be fine, but it's easy to do less when I am tired. I need someone to kick my butt when I get lazy!

Coach or Personal Trainer, sometimes a little help and commitment (on your part to work hard) can help move your running to a new level.

1 comment:

Jessica I said...

I need to get back to running so bad. I feel like in the last year I have lost myself and the friends I made through the running community. I want to try and qualify for Boston but I constantly struggle with injuries. I recently bought Injury Prevention for Runners I am I holding this will help me get back on track. But I miss running with people like you and I don't know too many people who are trying to qualify for Boston.....