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Friday, June 14, 2013

#54- The Ogden Marathon!

After the cold and rain at the Salt Lake Marathon in April, I was not to happy when Sue Mantyla and I came out of our hotel to catch the bus to the start and see it pouring. The Ogden marathon is one of the most beautiful courses in Utah (or anywhere), but the start is way up Ogden Canyon and it's always cold up there even on a nice day. I was not looking forward to sitting up there for 1 1/2 hours in pouring rain and freezing to death before we even took a step, but we are Maniacs, what else can we do?

The bus ride to the start was nice as there was a bathroom on it. I least it was clean and warm and there was no line!

Once we got up to the top, it was still raining, but it didn't feel that cold. We found a place next to one of the fires and stayed warm. We noticed that there were people walking around with plastic bags over their shoes to keep them dry and mud free. I wish I would have thought of that as my shoes were wet and muddy before got to the start line.

Maniacs at the start of the Ogden Marathon.
Hanging at the start with Jeff Galloway
I was happy when the race got started just so I could get warm. The second I moved away from the fire and took off my jacket, it was cold! I kept on my long sleeved shirt and I had already put on my $1 rain poncho, but once the rain started, they didn't do much to keep me dry or warm.
I was running with fellow Maniac Tim Gill (aka Kilt Dude) for the first few miles which is always fun. Around mile two, my foot really started hurting. I was already miserable and I couldn't imagine walking the whole race in the rain. I would have froze to death. I asked at an aid station if they had any pain medication and they said no, so in desperation I just started asking people on the course. A nice man heard my cry and hooked me up with three Advil. I NEVER take Advil during a race, but I was desperate. If it didn't work, I would have to take my first DNF. Thank goodness about 20 minutes after I took it, the pain let up enough for me to continue.
I lost Tim at a potty stop so the rest of the race I was pretty much on my own. People do not talk to each other when it's pouring rain and cold. I finally took out my iPod (which only comes out in an emergency) and started listening to episodes of NPR's "This American Life". The podcasts were so interesting, it took my mind off of the misery I was feeling.
At about mile 22, I started getting a second wind and I picked up the pace. I just started ticking people off one by one. When I got a mile out I realized that if I kept going, I not only would break 5 hours (something I thought was lost in the middle of the race), but I would get a negative split!
As I saw the finish line, I ripped the rain poncho off me (I was sick of wearing it and I wanted at least one photo without it), and sprinted towards the finish. When I saw I broke 5:00 hours with a negative split, I burst into tears. I have run a lot faster on that course, but I was so happy to have turned my race around when I thought I might DNF. It was quite emotional for me.

It was a fist pump moment for me when I crossed the finish line.
No DNF today!!
I love Ogden and will be back next year, I hope!

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