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Monday, January 11, 2010

If You Have a Dog- Read This!! Zoe Hospitalized!!

On January 2nd, David and I gave our pups what we thought would be a nice treat for them, a ham bone to chew on. Toby chewed for a while and came inside, but Zoe stayed out a little longer chewing on hers.

Later that night we had friends over for dinner and all seemed normal except Zoe started scratching at the door to go out minutes after David had taken her out. We thought she just wanted to play, then she pooped on the floor in front of the door. We felt bad for not taking her out again.

David went in and went to bed when I heard one of the dog throwing up. I thought it was Toby because when I turned on the light the vomit was near him. I cleaned it up and went to bed leaving the pups out of their crates. In minutes Zoe was up on the bed with me. With in seconds she jumped down an thew up. I got out of bed and woke up David. I turned on the lights again and noticed that she had thrown up all over the bedroom! The vomit was dark in color and that worried me. I decided to sleep on the couch with the dogs so I could monitor her. When I woke up Sunday morning, it looked like a massacre. There was blood everywhere! Poor little Zoe had vomited and pooped blood all over the house! After a few minutes of hysterical crying, I called two animal hospitals and both told me to get her to the ER ASAP! I scooped her up and flew, barely able to see the road through my tears.

Once there the doctor looked at her and diagnosed her with Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE) and suggested that we admit her into the doggie hospital, which we did. They gave her an IV as she was severly dehydrated. David and I went back later that day to see her. I held her in my arms for a few minutes. Then I looked down and blood was dripping from her little butt. Hysterical crying began again.

She stayed in the hospital until Monday night (mainly because our bill was $800 and we could not afford to keep her there longer). She was tired but doing much better. I stayed home with her the next day to make sure she could go out (as she still had diarrhea) and get her 4 medications on time.

By Monday night she was doing better and by Tuesday night she was back to her old self eating, playing and torturing Toby. The doctor said if we waited an hour more she could have died. Thank goodness she is OK.

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