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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Antelope Island Training Run

Today our crazy crew (Teresa, Bob B., Bob K., Skyler, Franz and I) headed out to Antelope Island for a practice run in preparation for the Antelope Island 25k/50k.

We kind of figured out where we needed to be by a really bad course map and headed out on the trail. It was cold when we started, but it warmed up quickly. The first 2-3 miles of the trail was uphill so we went pretty easy. Once we got to where the trail leveled out, Teresa decided to drop a layer (we thought we were doing a loop and would pick up her shirt on the way back).

Me on the trail
Teresa on the trail

The ground was frozen and rough. Where there wasn't snow, there was frozen buffalo tracks. Teresa and I made it to mile 5 when we caught up to the guys. At that point we realized that we were not doing a loop back to where Teresa had dropped her shirt. Being the nice husband, Bob B. offered to run back and get it for her. The guys decided to join him. Right then we ran into a few other runners that were also training for the Buffalo Run. They gave Teresa and I directions to get back to our car, so we could continue on the trail. We went our separate ways, and agreed to meet back at the car.

The Guys

As Teresa and I started down the trail about a mile, we saw an entire herd of buffalo. They were all standing right next to the trail. The closer we got the more nervous I got. They were huge and if they stampeded, we would not be able to out run them! We decided the best and safest thing to do was to climb the ridge of the mountain and run, then make our way back down to the trail once we passed them. It worked.

Teresa and I with the Buffalo!

We headed back down the trail for about another mile. We saw a herd of antelope and were having a great time. Then we realized that we were no longer on a trail. We were lost. We joked about wishing we had watched more "Man vs Wild" episodes and kept running (who knows where)! When we finally saw a gate that led the paved road, we were relieved. We took off down the paved road expecting to see the car anytime.
The Great Salt Lake

We thought we would be back to the car at 8 miles and we were already at almost 9. We decided to text the guys. At that moment, a park ranger stopped and asked us if we were lost. We said "yes". He offered us a ride back to our car. At this point Teresa said "Thanks, but we can run if you tell us about how far we are?", expecting him to say a mile or so. "7-8 miles" he said! We got in the car.

When we got back, we saw the car pulling away. The guys had received our text and were coming to find us! Priceless was the look on their faces when Teresa and I pulled up in the ranger's car! We started this run looking for adventure and we found it!

We all headed back laughing about our adventure and were rewarded with IHOP! I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends to run with!

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