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Monday, June 29, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

As everyone in the world knows, Michael Jackson is dead. We have been watching the tributes all weekend and David is ready to see and hear about something else. His death came as quite a shock. It wasn't until Saturday when I went on my long run that I realized how much Michael was a part of my life. As I ran down the parkway listening to my MJ collection, it hit me, the world really did lose a musical genius.

As a child my sister and I LOVED the Jackson 5. We wanted to be them. We and our neighbors, Jackie and Dee Dee would sing their songs and dance around the front yard. We even decided to save our change in a KFC bucket to we could buy some outfits just like the J5! Every Saturday Morning we were glued to the TV for the J5 cartoon.

In middle school "Off the Wall" came out. I bet we played that record a million times! "Rock With You" was (and is) such a great song. We used to listen to "She's Out of My Life" and get all emotional (the way young girls do) when Michael's voice would crack like he was crying at the end of the song. AWWWWWW!

I was in High School when "Thriller" came out. WOW! There was not one bad song on that record. I remember my junior year trying out for drill team to "Beat It". I rocked it and made the squad!

Off later albums I loved "Bad", "Black and White" and "Man in the Mirror", all of which had strong, positive, social messages.

So I guess the old saying is true, you don't miss something (or someone) till it's (they're) gone. No matter what Michael's sins or strange behavior was, he will be judged by one higher than we. I choose to remember him as someone who's music brought GREAT joy to my life.

God be with you my old friend.

If you ever for a second doubted Michael's talent check out this old J5 clip. It's absolutely INCREDIBLE!!

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