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Friday, January 16, 2009

If You Run, You Will Love This!!

This was posted today in one of the Runner's World forums by someone called Soccer Fan. I found it to inspiring not to share!

For days, weeks, months and years, we ran. We ran to feel good. To stay healthy. To getaway from our problems. To accomplish something. To dare. To test ourselves. To deal with cravings. To think. Not to think. To meet people. To be alone.
We ran on hills and on flats. At 4 in the morning. In a dress shirt and slacks after work. We ran errands. We ran for fun. We ran on business trips. On vacations. We ran for the high. For the low. Because we can. Because they said we shouldn’t. Because the time is right. Just ‘cause.
We ran through the blood-red forests. On breathtaking trails. Through canyons of steel, glass and concrete. Through endless fields. In knee-deep snow and desert sand. On red clay dirt. Along the riverbanks.
We ran when it poured. When it was nice out. In blizzards. In heat waves. We ran to music. To the rhythm of our footfalls. To the symphonies of nature. The concertos of city sounds. To some of the greatest books ever written.
We laughed. We cried. We gritted our teeth. Just couldn’t help ourselves. We glided. Crawled. Chugged along. Had the trots. Nearly puked. Puked. We couldn’t wait to run. Dreaded it. Felt like we could go forever. Wanted it over with. Showed off. Paid for it. Took it easy. Ran hard. Chaffed and blistered. Got sunburn. Windburn. Frostbite. We lost toenails. We hid stashes and hijacked the neighbor’s water hose. Bruised kneecaps and egos. Dug deep. Pumped our fists. Shook our heads. Had doubts. Questioned our sanity. Realized we’re mental. And then we ran some more.
We are as different as can be. But we have one common denominator– running and all it comes with.
So here’s to all of us. To those just starting out. To the experienced. To the masters. To the elites. To those who win hardware. To those who never will. To the healthy ones. To the injured. To the trotters. The joggers. The runners. The speedsters. To everyone who laces up and gets out there, good health and many happy miles!

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