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Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Marathon Maniacs Turn 14 Years Old!

On May 25th, 2003, after completing the Coeur ‘d Alene Marathon, Steve Yee, Chris Warren, Tony Phillippi & Sue Fauerbach were having lunch with a Spokane area Dead Runner (Terry Watanabe).
The conversation turned to how many marathons they had run throughout the year. Steve was pretty crazy and was trying to fit as many marathons into his schedule as he could. When Tony and Chris started throwing out some marathons of their own, Terry made the statement “I feel like I’m amongst a bunch of Marathon Maniacs” and the name stuck. The three of them were referred to as the Maniacs from that day forward.
Soon after, Tony and Chris started thinking that it would be great to have a marathon specific running club for runners as crazy as they were. The idea was run by Steve and he loved it! And so the Marathon Maniacs were born! 

Tony Phillippi (MM #3), Steven Yee (MM #1) and Chris Warren (MM #2), founders of the Marathon Maniacs

As members join the club they are given a number based on when they join. I joined the club on November 22, 2009 and was given MM #1975 (between my two friends Bob Baker #1974 and Jim Levy #1976)!

In May, 2010, a group of us Utah runners went to the Tacoma City Marathon  for the Marathon Maniacs reunion and met the "Big 3" in person for the first time (as well as our Sarasota friends Greg Goebel, Mary Lenari and Donna Loud)! This was the first time we saw the magnitude of what this club has done for the running community. 

Through this club, I have not only learned to push myself to do things I never thought I would do, I have met some of the most wonderful, friendly, fun, charitable, crazy, courageous, and down right groovy people! I have found love and friendship in this club. Not to mention all discounts and perks given to members at some races! That is worth the dues alone!

The Big 3 and I in Boston 2016

In 2012, I was brought on as the Reunion Coordinator and now is helping with the new Signature Race Series! That has been a blast!

So 14 years ago there were 3 members and today there 13,863 (and counting) members! Thanks Steve, Tony and Chris for creating a place where insanity is celebrated!

Maniacs at Route 66 in 2015.


If you would like more info on what it takes to join the Marathon Maniacs, you can find the criteria HERE.

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