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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Boston Marathon Here I Come!

The 121st Boston Marathon registration opened on Monday, September 12th. Boston has a rolling registration. It is not first come first served. They accept runners from fastest to fast. The first two days (Monday and Tuesday) were open only to those runners who ran -20 minutes under their qualifying time

Wednesday and Thursday, was then opened to those who ran -10 minutes under and Friday and Saturday was open to those running -5 minutes under their qualifying time.

I space remained, registration would open again on Monday, September 19th, for all qualifiers. For a more in-depth explanation of the rolling registrations click here

I was one of the lucky -10 people so I registered first thing Wednesday morning. I was so excited! By Friday I started seeing all my fellow -10 people posting pics of their confirmation emails. I checked my inbox repeatedly throughout the day just waiting.

Friday passed with nothing. Saturday and Sunday? Nada. Surely it would come on Monday! A lot of the -5 people were getting their confirmations and I STILL had not received mine! I was getting nervous!

Now, I know this is a first world problem and with my qualifier, there was a strong chance that I was in, but until you receive that official confirmation, you still get nervous. All kind of things were rolling through my head. Did I fill out the form right? Was there a problem with my credit card? Everything.

Tuesday morning, I woke up to no confirmation email, so I shot them an email and posted on their Facebook page (both of which they probably just rolled their eyes at). 

I know I have no patience, but I just wanted to know! Then about 4:00pm, I opened my email looking for something else and the sound of angels singing with rays of light shooting off one specific email from the BAA! IT WAS HERE!

I let out a sigh of relief and all was right with the world.

Now for the next burning question, what colors will the jacket be this year?

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