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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Johnny Runner 5K and 10K Trail Run.

Back in August of 2012, I ran my first ultra marathon at the Corner Canyon 50K. My friend Galen had told me about it and encouraged me to do it as it was a fundraiser for John Maack, a local ultra runner who was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer called Mantle Cell non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  It was probably still the hardest race I have ever done, but I met a lot of really cool people and got my first taste of ultra running.

Today, we were back at corner canyon, but this time John Maack (who is 2 years in remission) was helping others by hosting a 5 and 10K trial run to support the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. 

John Maack and I Sporting our Johnny Runner Shirts!

The morning started at 6;30am when Rob picked me up and we drove to the Andy Ballard Equestrian Center in Draper just minutes from my apartment to pick up our race packets. I was running the 10k and Rob (running his first race ever) did the 5k.

It was fun to see so many friends there, some I see all the time, some I haven't seen in ages all there to help such a good cause. 

Becca, Melissa and I. Wasatch Running Center girls IN THE HOUSE!

Getting ready to start the 10K

Packet pick up! 

So fun to see Charles and Terri!

I haven't seen Colette in ages! She and I paced Galen at his first 100 miler!

Rob excited to run his first race ever!

The 10k started at 8:00am (30 minutes before the the 5k.), so at about 7:50am, John said a few words about the cause we were running for, gave the course briefing and we were off!

John giving the course briefing.

The course was beautiful! The first mile was the hardest for me. We started climbing the single track trail from the start, but after the first mile I settled in and found my pace. 

The course was pretty much uphill for the first half. We went up the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, winded ran around Potato Hill and back down the same way. I live near Corner Canyon and there were parts of the trail I had never been on. I really want to incorporate this trail into my 100 mile training! I was AWESOME!

I had to power walk a few times going up but once we headed back, I was hitting 7:30-8:00 miles on the trail! It was so much fun!

Awesome single track trail.

Corner Canyon has some of the best groomed trails around!

There were a few times we had to dodge bikes and other hikers, but people were generally cool to let us pass.

I spent a good part of the race alone, though I could see the runners ahead and behind me. With about 1.5 miles left, Two really nice ultra guys caught me on another uphill section. I tried to stay with them, but they passed me. Once we got to the top of the hill, I turned on the gas and was able to catch them again. I found out they were at the Salt Flats 100 last weekend and remembered Rob at the aid station!

I finished the race strong, met and congratulated Rob, ate some food and just hung out in the sunshine!

Andrea fell hard, but still came out as one of the top finishers!

Rob and I getting a selfie!

My pal John and his wife Marcy and I after the race.

This was a great race for a great cause!

1 comment:

john maack said...

Great Post Angie- thanks for coming out to support LLS it was great to see you again.

Johnny Runner