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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Achieving Your Goals When Things Are Not Perfect.

It is no secret that I have made big goals for myself this year. I mean, how does one reach for the stars when they seem so far away? At first, I thought maybe I had bitten off more than I can chew (that still remains to be seen), but as I work hard, I am seeing that these goals are not THAT far out of reach.

I was really inspired over the summer and fall, then the shocking break up of a relationship I was in sent me into a deep depression that in most cases would paralyze me, causing me to withdraw from life (which I did a little, I mean my apartment needs serious help!). I have tried to keep my eye on the prize, but I have to say, even newly dating a really nice guy, there have been dark moments that I am just now trying to crawl out of. 

Achieving my goals will be much harder in this space, so I have decided to make a little vision board to help remind me of what I want to achieve this year. It will help me keep a positive outlook and remind me daily what I need to be working towards. 

My Little Vision Board

I have this board positioned right in my living room where I can look at it numerous times a day. When I plop down on the couch too tired to run, I look at the Boston Marathon logo, pace band, and 100 mile belt buckle. That gets me off the couch and out the door! 

Trusting love again, being financially secure, being happy and finishing my 100th marathon are also goals I have for myself. This just help remind me to lasso those goals in when life tries to push them away. I probably should have put a maid somewhere on there too! 

What do you do to stay motivated when things are not perfect?

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