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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Hobbler Half Marathon

On Saturday, July 9th, the ultra fast Miss Lindsay Baker, Teresa Baker (my partner in crime) and I once again joined the Utah Race Pacers to pace at the Hobbler Half Marathon in Mapleton, UT. I was so glad when my assignment changed from pacing the 2:30 pace group to pacing the 2:20 pace group. I am not speedy by any means, but I knew the 2:30 pace would be hard to stick to, especially on a downhill course like the Hobbler. 2:20 was going to be a challenge, but I was happy!

Utah Race Pacers at the Start of the Hobbler Half

When pacing, it's best to pace at slower pace than you race. As everyone knows, anything can happen on the race course and as a pacer, you want to have a little wiggle room to ensure you bring your folks in on time. But, if you pace too slow for your ability, you will most likely go to fast leaving your group behind or just being inconsistent in the pacing. This was something Teresa and I (and the other pacers) tried to avoid and I think we all did a great job.

At the finish!
The Hobbler Half is a very organized and well run race (not to be confused with the Hobble Creek Half, which is a nightmare). The course is beautiful and fast.

The T-shirts were nice and the finisher's medal was great! Another bottle opener. I wish I had some bottles to open. I can only find Diet Coke with twist tops!

Nice Bling!

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