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Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's My Blog, So I'll Rant if I want To!

Now, if you are reading this you probably share my love for running, and running races in particular. The excitement, the energy, the camaraderie with our fellow runners and getting that bling placed around your neck at the finish makes the pain/expense worth it.

While there always little things that irk me during a race, like walkers walking 4 across or people wearing ear buds during a race then turning their music up so loud that they can't hear, but my new pet peeve tops the list:


While I understand that makes the registration convenient and easy, they charge a fee of almost 10%!

Here is what the Salt Lake City Marathon (and tons of other races) advertises on their website:

Marathon: $75 through Oct. 31; $80 through Dec. 31; $90 through Feb. 28; $95 through close of registration

But when you register through, the price goes to $97.75!

Now, there is the option of mailing in your entry. Here is what I found on their mail in form:
That brings the total to $95.00!

I realize this may seem petty to some, but when you do a lot of races, these little fees add up. Race Directors, in the name of all things sacred, if your race will cost me $97.75 or $95.00, advertise it as such! Why say your race cost $90.00 to enter, when it does not! 

Whew! I feel better now that I've gotten that off my chest!

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